Welcome to Wisconsin Heritage. We are passionate about people and rural places.

Our small towns. Our local restaurants and shops. Our brew pubs and cheese factories. Our family farms and the agri-businesses they support. Fiber mills and historiums. Fields dotted with cows. Rows of corn and tall silos. Puppet theaters and astronomy clubs. World-class universities. Meandering little trout streams and winding roads.

There’s so much beauty in our rural places and so much pride of place in the people who live and work here.

Rural communities protect our open spaces, care for our land and water, guard our resources and grow nourishing food for us. Rural communities are places with value beyond resources to be extracted for someone else’s profits. Rural communities literally send life, sustenance, to the cities.

But we aren’t being heard. Too much wealth is being siphoned out of the countryside. Our rural places are being exploited for profit and campaign contributions. Rural communities have been slowly sliding from a state of independence and self-sufficiency to dependency on national and state aid. While unaccountable leaders and big corporations double down on bad policy, family farms and manufacturing jobs are disappearing.

We need to break the cycle.        

Wisconsin Heritage is committed to renewing Wisconsin's heritage of big ideas, progressivism, conservation and stewardship. We are fighting for strong local economies, sustainable land and water stewardship, vibrant communities and neighborly values. We’re working to form relationships, empower local leaders and activists, and build community power so we can restore sustainability and self-sufficiency to our communities and protect the countryside that we love so dear.

Learn more about how we are doing that here.

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