Meet our Staff

Anna Landmark

Anna is a long-time political organizer and award winning cheesemaker from Mt. Horeb. Anna has managed political campaigns, ballot referenda and organizing projects across the midwest and east coast. Six years ago she stepped out of politics, got her cheesemaking license and launched Landmark Creamery, which has become an award winning artisan cheese company, based in Paoli, Wisconsin. Growing concern about agriculture sustainability, consolidation in the agriculture and food industries, unfair corporate practices and the dairy crisis has brought her back into local organizing work. Wisconsin Heritage is Anna's brainchild, an organization to help give voice to rural communities that are getting left behind. Anna's favorite dish to bring to a potluck when she's feeling ambitious is a hearty lamb and root vegetable stew. When she's less ambitious she whips up a cheese plate! 

Michelle Godez

Michelle is a seasonal calf-raiser and full time cheese eater living in Dodgeville, WI.   She previously worked in the fashion industry doing everything from retail sales to photography production.  During ten overlapping years she also ran several charity sporting events with her husband.  Her path to the dairy farm began in Sheboygan traveling through Chicago and Madison.  A curiosity around the intersection of food, sociology, and economics led her back to school and ultimately to involvement in local and regional concerns.  Michelle is thrilled to be on the ground floor of Wisconsin Heritage as a staff member and is looking forward to building an even richer rural Wisconsin life. When asked what her favorite dish is to bring to a potluck, Michelle said, "Is it cheesy to say my favorite thing to bring is a cheese plate?"

Julia Gaynor

Growing up, Julia Gaynor spent weekdays in Evanston, Illinois and got to wake up every Saturday morning in the heart of the Driftless in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. Hikes in Governor Dodge, the Fourth of July parade in Mineral Point, and a million other adventures in the Driftless shaped and deepened Julia's love for the people and places that make Southwest Wisconsin unlike anywhere else in the country. A recent graduate of the University of Michigan, Julia's professional and social organizing experience is centered around serving as a resource and platform for communities who are silenced or ignored. Julia's work in local organic food systems, prison arts programming, and equity in state medical cannabis programs has inspired her to become a professional advocate. Julia splits her time dedicating herself to Wisconsin Heritage and studying for the Law School Admissions Test. Julia's favorite dish to bring to a potluck is Kugel, a sweet Yiddish dish that once you try, you won't be able to put your plate down!


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